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Small group mentoring for women with older women

mentoring younger women according to Titus 2.

Some of the areas covered in a group include:

  • Intimacy with God,

  • Balance of Life 

  • Prayer

  • Spiritual Disciplines 

  • Identity 

Women have the potential to live amazing and powerful lives in Christ. But so often, that potential remains unrealized.  Marble Jar Mentoring is about investing women to women  in order to unlock the full purpose for our lives.  The Marble Jar concept recognizes that relationships are built over time by small acts of kindness, love and care.  When older women invest in the lives of younger women, "marbles" of trust and love are deposited in each other. As women are in small mentoring groups, they become part of each others' lives - building lasting relationships.  The goal of our mentoring groups is to build solid foundations (or build up existing foundations) on the truth and freedom we enjoy with the ultimate goal of becoming a mentor and giving what is gained to others.

Mentoring groups are limited to 10 members and are closed once they begin in order to build safe, trusted relationships. Groups begin in the fall and run through the school year. 


If you are interested in joining a group or would like information about becoming a mentor to younger women - contact Pastor Colleen.