SUNDAY KIDZ CHURCH is in the Dome Sundays @ 10am

(while we have no in person services, SKC is on zoom.

Contact Pastor Abi at 406-475-2221 to get your kid connected in.)

Sunday Kidz Church

Ages 3-12yrs

"If there's one thing we do best, it's children's ministry!"

Both born & raised in church w/ large families that were highly involved in children's ministry (Brandon's the older of 5, Abi's the middle child of 8), Abi & Brandon have first hand experience in what works & what doesn't. 

Before becoming Pastors, Brandon lead youth group for Canyon Ferry Baptist church, then 6 months after marrying Abi, they both became youth pastors here.

 Abi is a former dance choreographer for youth Hip-Hop & Break-Dancing, & member of our church family since birth. Both attended Awana's children's ministry, & loved the age specific training, team discipleship, & reward system, which they have largely modeled SKC after.

Pastors, Brandon & Abi Brown

Animals for sale at this coming Store Day for Kidz Church!

Our kids are pulling together their savings of store day tickets to use toward animals, bees, & gardens

for impoverished families across the globe and WE NEED YOUR HELP TO FUND THIS PROJECT!

Samaritan Purse Agricultural Impact Plan
see the video here:

By signing up to donate, you can allow our kids to use their hard earned tickets for global impact through this plan.






*Please donate by clicking the link

*THEN,  PLEASE NOTIFY Pastor Abi of your donation by texting the amount to 475-2221

$7 | 1 week worth of hot meals for a child 
$14 | A group of baby chicks - Once grown they lay 200 eggs a year!
$20 | Start a Bee-Hive - supply income & assist agriculture!
$45 | Plant a grove of fruit & lumber trees
$70 | A Goat - 1 can produce enough milk each week to sustain a family!
$75 | Restore a Clean Water Well!
$350 | Cattle & Oxen w/ added veterinarian assistance - Just 1 can change the future for an entire family!

How To Earn Tickets:
Kids can earn tickets by pointing out verses/PowerPoint's used in the lesson, winning games, completing activities, or helping the teacher. 

What's At The Store?

  • Lego sets

  • Nerf guns

  • Board games

  • Art kits / School supplies

  • Journals

  • Soccer balls

  • T-ball kits

  • Themed socks

  • Light up yoyos

  • Hair accessories

  • Bath bombs

  • Stickers

  • & new surprises all the time!


Award Option info:

Mini's Restaurant Rescue | Wednesday Night, September 25th, 2019, 6pm-8:00pm, at the church building. 

Carousel & Ice Cream | 989 Carousel Way, Helena, MT 59601

Bowling or Mini Golf | at Sleeping Giant Lanes - 3355 Tricia St, Helena, MT 59601.




Any questions, please call Pastor Abi Brown:#475-2221

Register your child here!

1. Fill in your contact information 

2. Send your child's name & the event you chose

3. Select the PDF icon to print permission slips from home


SKC YouTube Channel:
For playlists of verses (w/ sign language), worship songs, & even how to play some of our games!

We Excel in:

What is Caught vs What is Taught:

Our pastors & leaders believe in embodying an all out passion for the joy it is to worship God with all your heart. This is our #1 goal in teaching by example.
Our lives are a testimony that we serve the one & only living God.
If kids leave with one thing it should be that. 

"This is why we are throwing ourselves into this venture so totally, we are banking on the Living God." -1Tim 4:11 MSG


Lesson retention:

Think your kids have poor focus & memory? Think again! We incorporate everything from competitive goal setting, clever repetition & muscle memory. You're kids WILL NOT forget what they learned. Just test us on that :)

Partnering w/ Parents:

We know the primary responsibility for growing your children in the Lord rests on parents, not pastors, so we go the extra mile to communicate & equip parents by;

sharing our  lesson topics, verses, games, songs & even recipes of healthy snacks the kids liked that you can make with your child. Most activities & recipes come with a Bible application that you can help your child remember. (Click here for current playlist of verses)

Communication includes us listening to your feedback & contacting parents to learn what works best to speak to your child & help them engage.
Please help us by fill out this
2 minute survey.



Children 10+ are encouraged to become co-leaders that assist their adult team leader in handing out tickets for store day, keeping track of who said their verses, & are assigned to assist younger children throughout the program.

Age appropriate teaching & correction:

We use examples of what it looks like at their age to apply God's truth.

All lessons & games are designed to engage ages 3-12yrs with any group size.

Every child is allowed to participate at their own level. We do NOT talk down to children, or force participation. 

708 E. Groschell  - PO Box 785
E. Helena, MT 59635

Jesus Christ our Savior

Jesus Christ our Healer

Jesus Christ our Baptizer with the Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ our soon

and coming King

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