At Helena Valley Faith Center our purpose is to Know and Love God, to Love and Serve People. One of the ways we are doing that is through missions. Not only are we sending teams into the field on short term trips, but more importantly we are supporting missionaries in parts of the world where the gospel has never been heard. 

Many people have a bad connotation of what "mission" means. Some people treat it like a bad word and say it's not for them. To clarify, it doesn't mean to move your family to Africa or India or some other far off country. Mission could mean having your neighbor over for coffee, helping build a house, or volunteering at the food bank. Mission is the calling God has on your life to glorify Him. It's about loving others like Jesus loves you and me! It's not just for pastors or "full time missionaries", it's for everyone! 

Trips are offered to the whole congregation with training provided. We have fundraisers to offset some costs of short term trips. 

Thank you to so many who joined in and made our fifth Missions Experience successful! 

Can collections for the missionaries! 

Save your cans! We will cash them out and use the $$ for our missionaries. 

Bring your cans the first Sunday of each month. 

708 E. Groschell  - PO Box 785
E. Helena, MT 59635

Jesus Christ our Savior

Jesus Christ our Healer

Jesus Christ our Baptizer with the Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ our soon

and coming King

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