1. Read the Bible:
We love the Read Scripture App https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/read-scripture/id1067865974?mt=8  
& their YouTube channel by the Bible Project https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVfwlh9XpX2Y_tQfjeln9QA  
It covers core concepts & themes thought the entire Bible & lays them out in a daily reading plan w/ animated videos to explain what you're about to read.

We also use the U-version Bible https://www.youversion.com/
It can read to you! I recommend starting in the book of John. There are daily reading plans you can follow on the website.



2. Community of Christians: 

Get in small groups to build relationships w/ those who can know you personally to pray for you & encourage you in Christ.
There are gender specific mentoring groups for 1 on 1 discipleship, as well as co-ed Bible groups.
Men's Ministry: https://www.helenafaith.org/men-s-and-women-s  
Women's Ministry: https://www.helenafaith.org/women-s-ministry  
Life Connection Groups:  https://www.helenafaith.org/life-connection-groups  


3. Pray:

Get to know God by talking to Him in prayer. 
Here's a 2min vid to get you started: 


We also have a prayer class that focus on Spiritual War Fare, called Life Line (seasonal availability), as well as our weekly prayer meeting on Tuesday Nights @6pm in the Family Room. 


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