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Faith Kidz (currently on summer break)

Bus Ministry (New Time is Saturdays from 3:30-5:00p)

Faith kidz buses serve their routes weekly during the school year to meet with Kidz and their families and then bring them to a high energy time of learning and fun in the Dome where they can connect with Jesus - many

for the very first time! Buses run on Saturdays and pick up Kidz 5+ through high school youth. Call Pastor Mary Jo to ride a bus:  459-0243

Faith Kidz 

Faith Kidz Saturday Night - Five years through 5th Grade 

Once Kidz arrive at church they are welcomed by Carpenter Carl and the rest of the Faith Kidz team. The program has music, skits, games and stories about the Bible. Kidz, kindergarten through 5th grade have an exciting time in the Faith Dome.