If you were surprised by an unexpected gift, you are probably asking,

        "Why Me?"

                               the answer is:  YOU are loved by God!


   God has plans and purposes for YOUR life that are good and full of hope. He knows that in this world there is brokenness,    pain and confusion and He has reached in to this human existence to touch YOU.   He put together a great plan just so t    

   that YOU would know His love.


   THE GREAT CHRISTMAS CAPER began on the very first Christmas when He sent His only Son, Jesus, into this world as a    baby.  He did this because He wants YOU to know Him and His love for YOU.


If YOU would like to join the conversation about God’s GREAT CHRISTMAS CAPER

and how it all began, we invite you to join us

Saturday nights @ 6p or Sunday mornings @ 10a.

And this year Christmas Eve @ 4p & 6p and 

Christmas Day @ 10a



















We’re located at 708 E. Groschell in East Helena – one block south of East Valley Middle School.

We truly pray that YOU experience more of the love of Jesus this Christmas.

You can also find out more about Jesus and His love for you at other area churches including:

                           Neighborhood Assembly of God                                        Last Chance Chapel

                           Helena First Assembly of God                                             Helena Alliance Church


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You are also invited to alpha plus beginning January 12.
Alpha Plus is a FREE 8 week course that includes dinner each week for you and your children.  Learn more.